“Green about Green, a Blogatory Intro”

by Chris Rodinis

August 21st, 2012

Hello audience, my name is Chris Rodinis and I blog for a zero waste future. Yes, I am late to the party. I am new to sustainability, green technology and zero waste practices, but very enthusiastic about learning more. “Green” means being a rookie, novice or a beginner.

Let’s be perfectly clear. I am not an authority of green sustainable technologies. Not yet at least. I am a beginner. Being a beginner proves to the audience they can be beginners too. Remember, Zen mind beginners mind!

First, here is a little background without going too far back. The most interesting thing in this blogger’s resume is service as a U.S. Navy Russian linguist who eventually deployed aboard a submarine that went to the North Pole. Yes, we actually got out of the sub(the Spadefish) and walked around on the North Pole!

The Arctic is an exotically beautiful place, though extraordinarily cold and barren, the simple starkness of the ice and ice ridge formations is astoundingly stunning. That was the highlight of a wonderfully colored four year Naval career, although like most former sailors there are many more salty stories to tell.

My decade and a half long background in computers (E-waste) has been strictly in hardware marketing as an employee of several big time distributors. We could tell you the price, the availability, and what is “compatible.” If it was “allocated,” we could get it for you. The role in this case was as a relationship manager. We could offer 20 reasons to buy; however, what mattered most was the intangible bond or connection created with clients.

Now in starting a new relationship with the audience, let’s discuss goals: 1) to be a sought after participant in a relevant conversation; 2) as a content originator this blogger aims to be keenly aware of audience interaction in answering the question “what do my customers want to say and feel about themselves?” 3) be useful, informative, and relevant. 4) be myself, interesting, humorous, and engaging.

As far as the world outside of this blog, I am a melody making song composing acoustic guitar player. The joy we get from music is amazing and meaningful. The connection created when folks enjoy listening to a performance of my songs and melodies gives us both priceless value. In pursuing a music career I am striving to build my reputation because that is where the real value is. Over time this may create a monetary windfall, however, in true musicianship, the creative process is completely decoupled from the commercial process.

Hopefully, in the future, you will see a post of original songs to this blog just because sharing is caring. Speaking of the future, according to Eleanor Roosevelt: “Now is the future.”

Will your future be a zero-waste future? Will mine? Is it possible? Stay tuned!

Thank you, from the EwasteWiz: “Green about Green and a ZeroWaster!”

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