The SpiceWorks Community has evolved over the years into a forceful presence of the IT world. With so many members that are interested in the opportunities that computer technology offers, there is one opportunity rarely considered.  That is the opportunity of refurbishing and recycling used computers and electronic waste (E-waste).


Refurbishing used computers can be a successful business or charitable enterprise if you have the required tech skills.

Recycling computers is lucrative only if processed on a large scale. That is because it takes several pounds of “raw” computers to yield a few ounces of precious and rare earth metals.

So refurbishing or recycling used computers solves those particular problems of e-waste, but only if you have the required tech skills.


Currently, one of your mentor partners at SpiceWorks, IT Creations ( , has an e-waste program ( in place that is becoming a market leader in the Chatsworth area. You can be a part of the e-waste solution by letting IT Creations recycle your old computers and laptops whenever you decide.

Now that you know about one more thing that IT Creations can do for you, you should be aware or even inspired by the problem of e-waste. Because, after all, that is what a technologist does, they observe a problem or inefficiency and create a new solution.


So what is the problem with e-waste for techies like you to solve? Well because of the astronomical amounts of e-waste there are plenty of areas which could be addressed!

On a global scale, environmental pollution and health risks pose the greatest threat.  As the US has cleaned up its act dealing with pollutions and health risks, serious problems like these still exist in China, India and Africa.

In some of these places, old electronics are processed by fire in the open air by unprotected adults and even young children.  If a tech inventor could devise simple and inexpensive solutions to these global e-waste problems, then the world would be a better place.


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