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This blog post is longer than usual, which is okay since my last post was weeks ago. Today the subject is repurposing. Well, I confess again that I am new to this party, and therefore excited to learn about developments in a small but growing part of our economy. For readers not too familiar with the topic,”repurposing,” is exactly what it sounds like! Take something old and make it new again! What could be lovelier?

At first, the creative genius doing the repurposing sits with the “target” object and wonders: “What the hell can I do with this old blankety blank?”

From there, “material manipulation” takes place or call it re-engineering! Whatever it is, this type of repurposing is more than refurbishing!

Here is the link to the pictures which are discussed in order:

1. Ye Ole Ladder Into A Bookshelf Trick!


Since this was the first one I viewed, I was “wowed”. Immediate reaction to myself: “wow! cool! great job! very creative! nice and homey!”  In my mind, a light went off that read: more of this would be a good thing! See the simplicity in the “design?”  Those books seem content there too….plus how much more functional can you make a bookshelf? Amazing! Ikea and Home Depot are looking into this lol.


2. Ye Ole Suitcase Into A Chair Trick!


This one absolutely cracks me up. What a conversation starter! Think of the funny lines of dialogue that would happen in the happy home where it lived as user friendly furniture.  “Sitting in this suitcase makes me feel like I am well packed!” ….”Here, have a seat while we pack!”…….”This is custom luggage from ‘Stowaway Airlines!'”…please feel free to be funny in the comments…”this suitcase has so many traveling memories that I just could not wait to sit in it!……..Why WASTE a suitcase when  you MAKE a chair?


3. A Chair By Another Name is A Mini-Closet


Again, this is striking! I love the way some people can be so darn smart! I need to join this smarty pants club! Since this creator did this, we have a feeling their next work will be as good or better. If  only I could bottle this genius and it apply it to the great problems of the world.  Interior designers take note, talk about the various variations that could originate from this concept!


4. Ye Ole Book Becomes An Elf of a Shelf


I have to say that this is darling.  And light and airy with a gentle sense of flight combined! As the shelf sits on its perch, its functionality becomes magnanimous. Nothing like flying books on a wall!  Hoovering as if looming into your reading future; perhaps knowing that their “shelf life” may be for a limited time only as it transitions back into “book-hood.”


5. That Derby Hat As Bright As This Light


This one is nothing short of marvelous! Why be in the dark when you can light a candle….why toss a hat when you can light it up! The clever placement of a this hanging hat is almost a bit ghostly too! As if one might think, namely, where is the person that belongs under this hat? Am I looking at an invisible person? How did this happen? Wait a light just came on! lol Can you turn on my Derby please?


6. Attention: You Can Now See Yourself In A Tennis Racket


What did you say? How is that possible? Oh replace the strings with  a mirror silly! Tennis racket on the wall who is the best player of them all?  Who can think of  such creative solutions?  One answer: a creative person!  How else can you explain that only a very small percentage of the population could  conceive  of a tennis racket existing as mirror. This of course is a very lovely job well done. Sterling work!


7. One Liter of Plastic Equals Your New Broom


Plastic arts are a wonderful skill. Oh poor mother earth has been so burdened by our love for plastic. Terrible swirling miles of plastic are sickening our seas. There is a new bill proposal in Congress banning all plastics nationwide and for Dupont to produce only safe plastics…..haha….just kidding…of course the times are changing, however, not as fast as we need or want!


8. The Clothes Hangers That Make Modular Space


In a word: Tres Chic! Naturally, this one came out spectacular! And Inspiring! What else can we make we these Lego like objects? Maybe a pen for puppies or for a baby playing? If you live in warehouse loft you could make a nice room…place an ad on Craigslist: “Wanted to buy unwanted plastic coat hangers!”


9. Ye Ole Piano Put Out to Pasture as Shelving


Simply elegant! This hanging shelf work sings with harmony! Those are some fine notes on the wall! This baby is truly grande!


10. Spoons Into Lamp

This one is more complicated, yet one of the most gorgeous repurposing concepts ever created. Who knew that a bunch of plastic spoons would make such a PRETTY hanging lamp!  


11. From Bathtubs, Couches!


You may need professional help with this one, however by the looks of it, it would be well worth it. Very sturdy! Attractive! Honest! And brings new meaning to the term “bathing beauty!”


12.  The Jimmy Buffet Bag for the Ladies


Stepped on pop top….turned it into a brand new bag! You get a big city look on tiny town budget. This purse is perfect Los Angeles fashionistas who profess to being “green.”


13.  O The Bottles of Wine That Light Up Your Life


This rig took some planning, it looks amazing and material costs are low. Now surely since I am no chandelier dealer, this one of kind chandelier would retail at the high end because of originality, time and skills required to make it fully functional. Of course it might last forever and would cast not limelight but the wine-light!


14. From Television/CRT/Monitor To An Undersea World


We’ve aquariums like this before, however, the never get old because of the oddity. Talk about live broadcasting.


15. Animate This Glove


I will never look at a single glove alone by itself the same way again. How a glove gets re-engineered into a chipmunk I’ll never know. How Cute! Adorable! Ebay auction starting price $1 (lol).  Our answer to designer dolls!


16. A Wheel Wall Watch


This one has perfect design elements and might win the simplicity award. This object d art would work well anywhere time is of the essence.


17. First A Bike Then a Sink


This one is hilarious because when you first look at it, you laugh instinctively. Truly creative. This one gets the best imagination award. A biking win for any bathroom.


18. Organizing One Paper Roll At a Time


This get the following awards. The “Solve a Problem,” award. The “Squeeze One More Use Out of It” award. The “Acutely Organized,” Award. And finally, the “I’ll Be Damned What Will They Think Of Next! award.


19. Bagels Need Holders Too


 This is just great. Too obvious! Why didn’t I think of that…..wait don’t answer that!


20. Wall Wrenches?


Well they are wrenches. These wrenches are on the wall. But what for? As hangers! To install locate your studs with your stud finder. That way those heavy wrench hooks can hold heavy objects like a Navy Peacoat or a book bag full of textbooks.


21. Ye Ole Oil Lamp From A Light Trick!


I have no clue how they did this, however, they did a wonderful job. In fact, this gets the “Truly Wonderful” award. Wonderful in that the bulb’s first life was electricity based and now it is powered off the grid.


22. The Mac Goes Postal


For a computer case to be used in this manner is pure  blasphemy! Just kidding….this a real easy way to replace a mailbox that has been smashed by vandals. This one gets the “Boring But Important” award.

23. Picks For Guitar Always Get Lost


Since I sideline as a guitar player this interests me the most. A smart invention only slightly innovative. Just goes to show that you do not always need to innovate a lot but just enough. This gets “My Personal Favorite'” award because of its usefulness and practical application in my life. Never be without a guitar pick again!


24. Hole In A Fence No More With This Glass Bead Decor


Very pretty. Very Angelic. Very pleasing. This gets the “Easiest To Do” award.


25. Putting Tea Lights Out


The “Practical” Award. The “Why Spend More Money Doing It Another Way,” award.


26.  A Child’s Table From A Child’s Toy


Considering that I have an issue with skateboards that can not be discussed in this blog, suffice to say this is the best use of a skateboard that I have ever seen! Therefore, “The Best Use of Some Old Something” award.


27. From Bottle To Lamp


This gets the “How Did They Do That?” award. Also, this invention gets the “First Class in Taste” award.


28. Ye Ole Piano Into a Fountain Trick


Steps here are: 1) remove piano “guts;'”  2)replace with plumbing,  3)add flowers to taste


29.  A Purse That is For Coins

This might be a stretch but it works! And why not? This gets the “Always Better To Reuse Rather Than Recycle'” Award


30.  A Chrumdelier   


 For some reason, I feel sorry for those drums. That is all I have to say about this one. If you would like more information on how to reuse or recycle your electronics, including your computers please contact us here.

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